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In my dreams I have built empires
Duvet cover and blanket
Dimensions variable
In my dreams main.jpg

“a great deal of harm is being done in the modern world by belief in the virtuousness of work” 
                                             Bertrand Russell, In praise of idleness (1935)

It is still true that we live in a world where work, defined as activities that make a profit, is seen as a moral and higher good. But with mechanization, robotics and soon AI having replaced large portions of the workforce, we need to rethink our relationship to time, work and leisure.

One of the hallmarks of leisure is the possibility of sleeping until we wake up by ourselves, and I used that motif as a starting point for Sovmorgon and In my dreams I have built empires. Using cross stitch embroidery, a technique that is usually thought of as a hobby, I have sought to explore  connections between manual labor, artistic work and leisure.
Photography by Sean Noyce
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